The Renzell Legacy

Star Wars the Old Republic is an online game that I have been playing for 6 years. Over those years, I have created 19 different characters which includes all the advanced classes. Here is a quick look at all of my current characters.

The very first character I ever created in the Renzell legacy is Jylari. She is a level 70 jedi consular who has been trained to be a sage. I wanted to make my first character look similar to me, but if i was in the Star Wars universe! She is my main character who has completed all the major story lines and I someday hope to create her gear as a costume to wear.

Nelviana is a blue twi’lek who is a sith inquistor trained as a sorcerer. She is currently level 70 and was my second character created. She is the mirror class to Jylari and mainly uses lightning as her weapon.

My third character is Kavanii. She is a green mirialan smuggler who is a gunslinger and uses two blaster pistols, making her a ranged fighter. She is level 53 and has completed her class storyline.

Nerika is a chiss Mandalorian bounty hunter who trained as a mercenary. She was my fourth character created and is now level 70 and one of my most played characters along with Jylari. She, like Kavanii, also uses two blasters. I really love her amour!

Kattania is a jedi knight trained as a double lightsaber weilding sentinel. She is a level 66 cathar with Juhani’s classic hairstyle and wearing KOTOR era gear. She is my only character to get the ewok companion, Treek.

Nallarra is my levevl 29 sith pureblood, a sith warrior who is trained to be a maurader. She is the mirror class of Kattania, weilding two sabers as well. She is wearing gear with two metal wing-like shapes on her back to make her more intimidating!

Jannarra is my republic trooper, a cathar trained to be a commando with a big assault cannon. She is level 22 and also has a companion that is a cathar named Aric Jorgan.

Karrya is the last girl of my original eight of the classes and is my level 70 rattataki imperial agent. She has been trained to be an operative. Being an operative, she can stealth around areas and uses a vibro-knife and blaster rifle.

My first class double up is Naveri, who is a human jedi knight trained as a jedi guardain instead of sentinel and wields one saber. She is level 21 and wears Darth Revan’s armour as her name is ‘I Revan’ spelt backwards!

Zantanvi is my second sith inquistor but has been trained as an assassin. She wields a double-bladed lightsaber and uses the force to be able to stealth. She is a level 44 cathar and also has the Juhani hairstyle, similar to Kattania.

My second jedi consular, Ardanni, is a togruta trained as a jedi shadow. She utilises the force, like Zantavi, to enter stealth. She is level 22 and also uses a double-bladed saber.

My girl Vesharri is a wild smuggler at level 25, trained to be a scoundrel. Scoundrels can enter stealth and only use one blaster, but she fights dirty! She has purple pigtails and wears purple gear to match her fun personality!

Another sith warrior I have is my level 34 togruta Xarresh, who has been trained to be a sith juggernaut. She only uses one lightsaber, similar to the guardian class and my girl, Naveri.

Zarayen is my zabrak bounty hunter who has been trained as a powertech. She fights with lots of fire, her jetpack and rockets. She is level 41 and only uses one blaster pistol, but still packs a punch.

My second imperial agent Kamirii is a mirialan sniper at level 14. Unlike Karrya, she can’t use stealth, instead she is a ranged fighter that uses a sniper rifle and uses distance instead of being up close in combat.

Tavalla is my chiss trooper, trained to be a vanguard. She is currently level 29 and has a claw slash scar across her left eye after a close encounter with a nexu! Being a vanguard, instead of using an assault canon, she uses a blaster rifle along with multiple plasma attacks.

My third sith warrior is based on the well known villain of the new Star Wars trilogy, Kylo Ren. Kylorria is a female version of the villain and is a level 18 sith juggernaut. She carries an unstable red cross-guard saber and has a hairstyle and gear to look similar to Kylo Ren.

Nerolyki is a jedi knight, she is my idea of what a female version of Kylo Ren would look like, light side. She is a level 8 guardian and the name Nerolyki is just like Naveri’s in the way that it written backwards, says ‘I Kylo Ren’. After some more leveling, she will carry a blue cross-guard saber.

Varaya is my newest character, currently only level 14. She is a sith pureblood, but a consular trained as a sage. She will be different from Jylari as she will be learning a different skill tree which will give her some different abilities.

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